Let art invade your spaces

Galería Valmar arises from many crossroads and experiences whose originality takes inspiration from past research and curatorship, and a long experience in the arts of selling and selling the arts.

François Valcke and Gerardo Martínez decided, in their adventures, that art is one of the most extraordinary forms of communication because it is the dimensional essence of philosophy.

This time, the gallery is located online but can be viewed, physically, at our private premises at the customers’ previous request.

We represent some thirty artists, from Cuba and Mexico, ranging from essential figurative to figurative abstraction in various formats and techniques covering painting, drawing and graphics, as well as sculptures of small format.

To seek the art of which we speak, to launch the mastery of which we marvel. The sale and choice of art requires distances, places, mystery and mystics, discovery of artists´ dens, artists themselves, discussions. We traveled all directions. There have been routes of magical nights and exhausting days. Buses, taxis, horses and airplanes. Hotels and country houses. In short, the trip has been worth every effort and we gain a new and interesting approach to art and its expressions we long to share.

We hope to provide what the discerning palate of the art collector requires: the elixir of colour and form.