Kim James was born in England in 1930.

From the mid. 1950´s and throughout the 1960´s, Kim James pursued a career as an artist alongside some of the last century´s best known European artists such as Henry Moore, Elizabeth Fink, Alberto Giacometti, Marino Marini, Max Ernst, Paul Klee and Oscar Kokoschka.

In 1966, he held a One-Man show at the Hanover Gallery, then London´s leading contemporary art gallery for 20 years, which launched the career of many highly acclaimed artists today, notably Francis Bacon.

In 1969, he was chosen as one of a group of artists, headed by Henry Moore, to represent Great Britain at the Middelheim Sculpture Biennale in Antwerp, Belgium.

In the 1960´s, his works were regularly exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in London, Galerie Vercamer in Paris, where in 1968 he held a One-Man show and at Charles Byron Gallery in New York.

During this period, he was commissioned by private collectors and Institutions in Europe and the United States.

Today, ¨Jenifer¨ can be found in the San Francisco MOMA and several of other sculptures are exhibited at British Universities and Public Institutions, such as ¨The Mammoth¨, the largest steel sculpture in the UK, at Nottingham Trent University.

A large relief sculpture made for St. Matthew´s Church in Bethnal Green, London, is still in its original staircase wall.

Just as his recognition in the art world was building considerable momentum, Kim James decided to opt out in order to begin a distinguished academic career pioneering the use of art in psychotherapy.

Study for ¨Carol I¨
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