the tribes of the valley and river Omo. A form in auto painting

the tribes of the valley and river Omo. A form in auto painting

Art in the body from ancestral times.

In the far borders of Ethiopia, very remote from modernity, beyond our fast-paced world, the photographer Hans Silvester did a work, anthropological record, of the tribes that exist around the Omo River. The region is a large valley located on the edge of the triple border between Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya. This gorge extends to the Rift region, which is geologically separated from the African continent.

The gorge is an area where there were many volcanoes and the slopes disfigured by erosion have created large sediments of rocks and pigmentary mud. The ocher kaolin, the white kaolin, the green oxidized copper, the ashes that go from black to white through the whole range of grays, the luminous yellows, have made this part of the world an author’s palette, which is used to beautify faces, faces, bodies of the elderly, of children, of men and women of the tribes of the Omo river.

They carry the genius of painting in their race, in their genes walk the devil of creation, who dresses them with the most diverse colors. The strength of his art can be summed up in 3 words: fingers, speed and freedom.

“They draw with their hands open, with their nails, sometimes with a wooden stick or helped by some leaves and some palms. His gestures for painting are fast, spontaneous and go beyond childhood and what the masters of contemporary painting look for, “says Sylvester to describe the art he has lived and registered through his lens.

You can tell that in this town there is a love for his body, his ornate nudity. The relationship is to seduce through color. In them, says Hans, life is a perennial game and an undisputed pleasure.

The photos show that his fingers sank in the ground and in minutes the miracle of a painted pubis, a colored penis, a face doing the miracle of translating nature and its environment in their bodies.

Gerardo Martínez

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