Valmar: we have a new gallery in Málaga

Valmar: we have a new gallery in Málaga

François Valcke and Gerardo Martínez offer “the elixir of color and form” in the Historic Center

Victor Gómez

Published originally on newspaper: “la Opinión de Málaga

All this text was published in the Journal: La Opinión de Málaga. A deserved tribute, in a city whose slogan, placed by the City Council, is: «The city where art lives» and where unfortunately the squares are not addressed by music, dance or theater and where graduates of art schools do not have an exhibition gallery. As always We have risked and opted for the fantastic and beautiful test of making this fertile land that is Malaga flourish. Let us honor its slogan and that not only the call to “art” remains in representing museums.

The paradoxes of the cultural capital that Málaga claims for itself have already been talked about on many occasions: the city of museums has hardly any art galleries, it is hardly represented in trade fairs such as ARCO. Fortunately, one of its doors has just opened its doors in the Historical Center: we are talking about Galería Valmar, next to Plaza de los Mártires.

The project, led by François Valcke and Gerardo Martínez, “arises from several routes, many transits and some paths already laid out in research and curatorship, as well as sales, of the arts”, say those responsible.

“Let art inhabit your spaces” is the motto of Valmar. The Malaga gallery ‘inhabited’ the online space first, with a permanent exhibition at the request of the clients. They offer their strength: they have around thirty Cuban and Mexican artists, ranging from essential figurative to figurative abstraction, in various formats and techniques that include painting, drawing and graphics, as well as small-format sculptures.

Now, they say, “they are body and matter.” And here they are, next to the Carmen Thyssen Museum. With a goal: “We hope to offer what the demanding palette of the art collector requires, we offer the elixir of color and form, here we are in front of you to give you the pleasure of one of the greatest human feelings: the arts”.

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