Waleker, a myth from the sands of Venezuela Guajira

Waleker, a myth from the sands of Venezuela Guajira



Of the burning sands of the guajira. From among the sunny slits of Colombia and Venezuela we get this ancestral legend


Irunúu was a hunter Wayúu and always liked to walk in the middle of the jungle. One day an abandoned and dirty girl was found in the jungle. He took her to her house and told her three sisters to wash her and teach her the daily tasks of the guajira women.

The sisters conspired to mistreat Waleker and they did not even feed her properly. But she did not go hungry, for Irunúu very pleasantly shared his food with her every night.

Irunúu became  curious to the extreme to find out who was the author of the wonders that day after day appeared in his house. They had woven a beautiful chinchorro, a blanket that looked like silk, and woven in various shapes. Unaware of the origin of such wonders, one day, at nightfall, he came earlier than usual, and carefully entered his hut. Attracted by an unknown force and surprised by the beauty of the maiden, he noticed that from her mouth came threads that she herself wove and soon turned into colorful fabrics.

He came closer as he felt a great need to embrace her and, when he did, the maiden disappeared and became the little girl he had found in the jungle. She begged him not to tell anyone the secret, though this was only a part of the secret … Irunúu desperately wanted to marry Waleker and the evil spirits took advantage of him and convinced him to reveal where the beautiful blankets came from. Irunúu revealed the secret. And went on marrying Waleker. When he tried to embrace her again, she became a spider.

And all that remained in his hands was just a trickle of threads … Waleker the weaver was lost among the trees … for being the daughter of a spider.


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